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Track and Field is a sport where athletes can compete against themselves. Not every athlete will have the opportunity to run in the Olympics or on a National team, however, they will get a chance to improve and set personal best (P.B.) each time they race, jump, or throw.


Track and Field is primarily a mental sport where ATTITUDE defines success. Competing in Track and Field will give each student-athlete the opportunity to learn the skills to achieve those P.B’s in their chosen event(s). They will also learn how to reach their fullest potential through hard work, a positive mental attitude, self-motivation, dedication, consistency, discipline, and effort. Team members will realize that coaching decisions are made with the welfare of the team taking precedence over the desires of an individual team member.


Coach Scott has set strategic objectives while maintaining the vision and purpose of the Track and field program for the season. Being a member of the South Side Track Club is a worthwhile endeavor and privilege that will create


Coach Scott Key Point's




2. Successful athletes set positive examples for others. They lead example.


3. Successful athletes are enthusiastic. They generate their own enthusiasm.


4. Successful athletes are coachable and eager to apply lessons taught by their coaches.


5. Successful athletes work hard with a mature attitude toward their craft. Practices are not places to socialize or hang out with friends.


6. Successful athletes set goals for the day and season. These goals help the athletes to remain focused and motivated during training sessions.


7. Successful athletes care about the team before themselves.


8. Successful athletes are cooperative with coaches and their teammates.


9. Successful athletes have a high frustration tolerance. They learn from your mistakes and move forward when temporary setbacks are encountered.


10. Successful athletes are reliable and responsible during all training sessions. 


11. Athletes who fail tend to be cynical; they are unwilling to be impressed or inspired. This is expected of the phony, the snobbish, and the pseudo-intellectual who is unwilling to take responsibility for their personal success or failures. 


In summary Successful Athletes are mentally tough and are:

-   Self Motivated

-   Positive and realistic

-   In control of their emotions

-  Calm and relaxed under pressure

-  Determined

-  Set realistic goals

- Self-confident

-  Coachable

-  Accept responsibility for their actions

-  Make no excuses, lay no blame


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